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  • Sheep Breed Studies - August 2013 Breed Box from Namaste Farms

    My continuing exploration of sheep's wool from various breeds around the world following along with the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook.

    I've been trying to continue my sheep breed studies with more unusual fleece that is rare or hard to find. I purchased the August breed box from Namaste Farms and finally got to wash the fleece and take a closer look at it. Listening to the Blog Talk Radio segment was a big help and interesting to hear (and confirm) my assessment of the fiber. I have to admit that my favorite (without knowing which was which first) was the sample of Lincoln lamb that was a bonus she threw in. It feels amazing! What a gorgeous fleece:

    Namaste Farm August Breed Box E fleece sample - Lincoln lamb 

    Here are the other fiber samples from the breed box:

    A) Vlaams Kuddeschaap

    Namaste Farm August Breed Box // A - Vlaams Kuddeschaap

    As Martin noted this had some yolk staining. Not bad - I'd say an average fleece.

    B) Ile de France

    Namaste Farm August Breed Box // B - Ile de France

    I liked this one better. Nice medium fleece.

    C) North Country Cheviot

    Namaste Farm August Breed Box // C - North Country Cheviot

    A good solid fleece. Lovely gray color and nice handle.

    D) Valais Blacknose

    Namaste Farm August Breed Box // D - Valais Blacknose 

    I was really excited about this because, well, this:

    Valais Blacknose sheep (via 

    OMG, how adorable, huh? I had done some research ahead of time and knew it was a fleece not know for it's softness being a coarse, carpet wool type breed. I had to have some anyway. I think Natalie said it took two years to get a sample of this fleece. Unfortunately for me it was a bit of a let down. It was coarse and pretty dirty. I think this would in fact make great mattress stuffing. I guess all the sheep's energy goes into being cute rather than soft and fine. Bummer. I'm glad I tried it though! Now I can check that off my fleece bucket list.