Sheep Breed Study Closeups

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  • Solitude Wool Field Day with Cotswold Sheep at Davlin Farm

    I spent Sunday afternoon on a Field Day at Davlin Farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Lincoln, Virginia (Loudoun County) . The Field Day was organized by the wonderful folks at Solitude Farm and our gracious host, Lynn Updegrove. They have a gorgeous pasture, stream, and one of the nicest looking barns I've seen in a while.

    Davlin raises endangered heritage breed Cotswold sheep. We learned about their flock and got to watch their sheep being sheared. Everyone was so nice and I was really impressed. I was even able to buy a fleece (Coopworth) right after it was shorn. I hope to spin something special with it soon. I'm super excited but I have to wash it first! I also bought some hand dyed Cotswold locks and roving from Solitude. Their dyed locks are sooo amazing. I'm glad they brought some this time.  Among the other goodies I picked up was a bag of Cotswold lamb washed locks from Davlin. It's buttery soft and I think it will dye up very well. I can't wait to tailspin some of those.

    Here are some pictures I took on the tour:

    Cotswold Sheep

    Davlin Farm Field Day

    Solitude Wool Booth at Davlin Farm Field Day

    Sheep Waiting To Be Sheared - Closeup

    Sheep Waiting To Be Sheared

    Sheep Waiting To Be Sheared

    Bringing in Sheep To Be Sheared

    Shearing Sheep

    Shearing Sheep

    Shorn Fleece

    Fleece in the Barn

    Antique Spinning Wheel

    Maremma Guard Dog

    Sheep in the Field

    Sheep in the Field

    Buckeye Chickens

    You can read more about different sheep breeds here as I continue my quest to spin them all.