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  • Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. Featured Artist: Elysa Darling

    I was a featured artist on Strauch's blog. Here is my interview:

    Featured Artist: Elysa Darling

    Today we’re excited to feature a wonderful fiber artist, Elysa Darling from 222Handspun. Elysa creates and sells beautiful art batts and art yarns through her Etsy shop, and blogs on her website, 222Handspun. Today we’re sharing photos of Elysa’s batts and handspun yarns, all carded on her Strauch double wide Mad Batt’r. We’ve also asked Elysa a couple of questions about her business. A photo from Elysa’s studio, carding on her Mad Batt’r:Elysa Darling | 222 Handspun drum carding on a Strauch Mad Batt'r Drum Carder - Strauch FiberSFE: How did you get started in the fiber arts?

    ED: I’ve been fascinated with yarn and fiber since I was a little kid. My first exposure to fiber arts was at a summer camp where I learned to weave and use natural dyes. My mother taught me how to sew and I used to make clothes for my dolls using yarn and fabric scraps from her stash and much anticipated trips to the local fabric store.

    Pulling an art batt from the Strauch Mad Batt’r

    Elysa Darling | 222 Handspun - pulling art batt from a Strauch Mad Batt'r Drum Carder - Strauch Fiber
    SFE: What’s your favorite part of creating–carding, spinning, knitting?

    ED: I actually don’t know how to knit (I know, crazy!). I just learned to crochet last year and I find that easier to do and I’m working on getting better at it. I guess I would say I really love carding and spinning the most though. Dyeing is fun too because I get to play with color in a different way. I have a lot of fun mixing dyes and coming up with some crazy color palettes. But there is something about just grabbing a handful of squishy wool and blending it together to make yarn that really appeals to me. Spinning has a rhythm that is very meditative and relaxing. You don’t have to pay as much attention as you would if you are knitting (or in my case crocheting or weaving). I could spin all day if I had the time.

    Elysa’s cheerful color combos on her Mad Batt’r.

    drum carding on a Strauch Mad Batt'r An art batt! Elysa Darling | 222 Handspun handspinning art batt - Strauch Mad Batt'r Drum Carder - Strauch Fiber Elysa’s handspun coiled art yarn Elysa Darling | 222 Handspun coils handspun art yarn - Strauch Mad Batt'r Drum Carder - Strauch FiberThanks so much to Elysa for sharing her lovely photos! We’d love to see what you’re making on your Strauch carders, too!

  • Spunky Real Deals Wooly Review & Giveaway

    Spunky Real Deals is running a giveaway for a skein of 222 Handspun yarn. Check out the review on the blog and enter to win!

    Artisan Yarn by Elysa {Wooly Review & Giveaway}


         Garden of Wooly Delights by 222 Handspun  

    Who has gone into your local craft store looking for yarn only to find the usual run of the mill boring!! Running into 222 Handspun on Etsy was like a dream. Someone pinch me, because these yarns are too beautiful to exist. But alas they do!!!! 222 Handspun features hand dyed artisan yarn and spinning fibers. Simply gorgeous....take a minute and continue staring. It is okay you can be jealous of me. I got a chance to review and make something from the hand painted Wool Mohair blend yarn. Want to see what I made? You already got a sneak preview without even knowing it.;-)

                                    Hand painted Wool Mohair Blend at 222 Handspun   

    The hand painted Wool Mohair blend yarn from 222 Handspun is very feminine, warm, and cuddly soft. Not to mention the yarn colors, which they happen to be the star of the show!!! I took the wool and made an infinity scarf adding a large wooly flower. The wool flower really brings the feminine feel over the top! You better get to 222 Handspun fast, because I am going to buy them out of stock!;-)

    Who is ready for a sheepishly amazing giveaway?